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If you think you are reaching out to all of your online prospects, your clients/customers, think again!

Here you will find all the information you need to advertise on Amadurs Technology Limited

Hi, I’m Adus Michael – the person behind Amadurs Technology Limited – and your point of contact for all media-related inquiries. Let me give you an overview of the website and some of the advertisement options available for your business.

This website focuses on the following themes:


Social Media Marketing

Email marketing


Digital Marketing

Making Money Online

Affiliate marketing




…and all other related fields

Part of Amadurs Technology Limited mission is to help smart people to establish blogging as an industry and to help others become their own boss. With the support of Human Rights Radio & TV/Brekete Family/Brekete Academy, and with the endorsement of Dr. Ahmad Isah popularly known as The Ordinary President, we have been the unicorn of online marketing niche.

Traffic Stats

Our latest stats :

Daily visits: ….,000+

Daily pageviews: …,000+

Instagram followers: …,000 Followers

YouTube Followers: …,000 Subscribers

Facebook Fans: …,000+

Twitter Followers: …,000

Monthly page views: … Million (…% organic)

We update these stats every 3 months. If you have any queries regarding traffic, please drop me an email.

Advertisement and partnership opportunities

Recognizing that every partnership is different, we provide our clients with an extensive array of advertisement solutions.

We are selective with partners, choosing only those companies/services that meet our quality of standards.

We seek out long-term partnerships with businesses who are committed to delivering quality services or products that are user-centric.

Here are some available advertising opportunities that we offer at Amadurs Technology Limited. Depending upon your individual marketing strategy, you can pick one or create a custom bundle suited to your needs.

Product Review:

Product reviews are one of the specialties of Amadurs Technology Limited.

We not only write comprehensive reviews, we also share tutorials and guides to using your product. If your product is in sync with our readers and the topics of our blog, drop me an email with details and we can discuss rates.

I’m a strong believer in the concept that “one price doesn’t fit all” and that’s why, depending upon the specific product, we will hash out a custom quote for the review.

You can check out an example of our review posts over here, with follow-up tutorials over here and over here.


We accept giveaway offers. Contact us for a custom quote.


If you have a creative idea for ad placement or running a media campaign, feel free to contact me. Creative ideas are always welcome.

Payment Mode:

We accept payments via PayPal, Payoneer, Wire transfer or Bank Deposit.

If your target audience is bloggers, website owners, small business owners, online entrepreneurs or information publishers, you are in the right place, so feel free to advertise with us. Amadurs Technology Limited is into wealth creation and online revenue generation.

Amadurs Technology Limited is a website for bloggers and small business owners. It covers several topics like Blogging, Social Media, SEO, WordPress, Web Hosting, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online and much more. Our posts rank well in Search Engines and most of our visitors come from Search Engines.

Specifications are given below:

Audience Profile

  • 90% of our readers have blogs/sites.
    • Most of them invest money online.
    • Most of our visitors come from Google Search and Social Media Sites.
    Advertising Options
    Banners: We have the following size available: 768×90(Header), 300×250(Sidebar), 468×60(Before Post), 125×125(Sidebar). Your banner ads must be related to our blog.
  • Display Ads:

    468*60 Header: …,000/month

    468*60 after post: …,000

    300*250 Sidebar : …,000/month


If you have a product or service that is relevant and useful to our audience, Amadurs Technology Limited will write a review of your product/service on our blog. Our major review related topics are Blogging, WordPress, SEO, Social Media Tools, Web Hosting and Make Money Online.

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Posts Options:

Payment Mode: We accept payment via Bank Transfer Or Cash.

You can contact us by using our Contact Page or just send an email to

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