Are You Aware That You Can Make So Much Cash On Domains Flipping?

Welcome back to my blog portal. On today’s article we will be discussing Domains Flipping, and its numerous benefits. Am sure by now you are aware of the many benefits available on the internet?

If your answer is yes, then you should also know that one of them is domains flipping. The business of domains flipping is very much visible and also profitable, anyone can learn how to go into the business in no time.

But first, What Is Domains Flipping?

Domains flipping is the business of registering or buying domain names at a low price and reselling them at a higher price for profit. Domain names can be fresh, expired domains or bought from a third party but the ultimate aim is to resell for higher value.

Domains Flipping

It is a very profitable business that anyone can go into without any basic knowledge of a computer or IT skill. The start-up cost can be little or large, depending on individuals or organizations.

One of the advantages of domains flipping is that you can do it from anywhere. You can be in Nigeria, or anywhere at all and make cool cash on domains flipping. And this market can be accessible across the world.

Am Sure You Know What Domain Name Stand For? But In Case You Don’t:

A domain name is simply a web address. For example, is a domain name.,,, are all domain names.

Someone Ask Me, How Sure Are You About Making Cool Cash On Domains Flipping?

Domains flipping is a very visible and profitable business to venture into. You can register a domain for let say, $10 and sell it for $100, 000. You can as well sell for millions of naira if you are lucky.

In 2015, a Chinese company bought for $17 million. was sold for $49.7 million in 2010. Imagine for a minute if you were the owner of this domains. Your life go just change overnight and forever.

There have been many publicly known domain names that sold for big money. But some of the most expensive sales are not publicly known.

For example. Goddady reports that the the most expensive domain name ever sold is for $872 million! That is almost a billion dollars.

Domains Flipping

Am Sure You Can Just Wait To Know How You Can Start This Domains Flipping Business

Below are few tip and steps you can follow to start making cool cash on Domains Flipping:

1. You Will Need To Buy Your Own Domain Name And Register It

Your first step is to register a domain name that you intend to flip. We recommend that you use Namecheap to register your domains as it is easier to manage and they have a good customer support to help you.

When you are registering a new domain name, it has to be a domain name that is worth it. That people will be willing to pay good money for. Don’t just register random domain names. It will be a waste of time.

Take a look into few ways to register a good domain name.

There Are Domain Names That Are Trending

Trending method will help you understand what people will likely want. When you keep tap on what is trending, you may be able to grab the next big ideas before they become really big. For example, imagine when Bitcoin was in its early stage and people hear of it but barely understand it.

You came across it and registered some valuable bitcoin domain names, you could have been very rich by now. So keep watch on trends and see what’s new and what is likely to explode.

You can use tools like Google Trends, Twitter hashtags and more to see what people are interested in and many more.

You Can Also Use Keyword Planner

Use keyword planner to find popular ideas. The most popular and credible planner is definitely Google Keyword Planner. The key here is to type your ideal domain name and see the search volume. If there are many people searching for it then it is worth it.

Let’s say I want to register I will go to keyword planner, and type in partner and see how many people are searching for that keyword. Another way keyword planner can help you register a good domain name is to give you suggestions.

Domains Flipping

Let’s assume I want to register a domain name related to Bitcoin. I know that is already taken. All I have to do is type Bitcoin in keyword planner, and it will give ideas of popular entries that people search for relating to bitcoin. This will give me an idea on a good domain name to register.

Another Way Is To Use Easy To Pronounce Names

The domain name should be one that is easy to pronounce and memorable. Don’t use complex names unless you have a very good reason to do so.

You Should Also Stick With Popular Domain Extension Especially The Premium Once

There are so many domain name extension these days but the most marketable is still .com. Your best bet is to register a .com domain. .org and .net are also good choices. If you are registering any other extension, make sure it is a top class premium name.

Search Other Companies That Deal On Domain Names

You can play around your domain registrar to find domain names that are available. You may just stumble on gold.

2. You Can As Well Register Domain Names That Has Expires

There are some very good domains that have been owned by people and somehow got expired. When you buy a domain name, you renew it every year. If you fail to renew, after a certain period it become expired. Meaning other people can register it.

This happens a lot. For so many reasons, some valuable domains may become expired. Look for them, register them for about $10. And you can resell them for $100 or even very big if you find a good one.

When buying expired domains, look for how good the domain authority and page authority is. You can find expired domains at  and Once you find a good expired domain, you can go to Namecheap to register it.

3. You Can Purchase Domain From Individuals

This is one of the best ways to make cool cash on domains flipping, by buying domains from others. This method is capital intensive.

All you need to do is go to domain market place like Flippa and Sedo. Look for very marketable premium domain that is on sale. Bid for it and try to buy it at a good deal. You can later resell it.

Domains Flipping

Most of the big domain deals go through this circle. For example, was reportedly bought for $30, 000 in 2005 and resold later for $30 million

4. You Can As Well Find Buyers Yourself

Once you have registered the domain, the next step is to find buyers. The first thing you need to do before you look for buyer is to write down the importance of your domain.

This will help you pitch to potential buyers and get their attention. Your pitch should include things like how simple and brandable domain name is. The number of search queries targeting the domain keyword. The relevance of domain to a particular industry if any.

In Case You Are Wondering How To Find These Buyers:

There are many ways that you can find buyers.

1. Write To Potential Buyers

You can write directly to potential buyers. Let’s say your domain is, you can write to organizations that is focused on fast food and let them know how the domain name can help their business find customers online.

2. You Can Use Domain Brokers

You can use domain brokers. Domain brokers are middlemen who help sellers find buyers and vice versa. You can use a reliable and reputable domain broker to help you sell. Especially if you got a premium domain.

3. You Can Also Sell In Domain Marketplace

You can also try selling your domain in domain marketplace. There are many domain marketplace. The most popular are Flippa and Sedo.

5. You Can As Well Sell Your Domain Name

Once yo find a buyer and agree a price, you can sell your domain. For security purpose, it is advisable to use escrow service for payment. What an escrow services does is to get the money from the buyer.

Domains Flipping

After the money have been gotten from the buyer you will be informed. Then you transfer domain name to buyer. And Buyer informs escrow service that he or she has the domain. Then the escrow send the money to you. That way you are protected.

For The Fact That Domains Flipping Is Profitable, Is Also Good You Know The Risk

While domains flipping is profitable business, you need to know that there are risks. When you are buying domain names that are already owned by popular brands, remember that it might have been trademarked.

There is no problem in registering general names and industry names but registering brand names can stir legal actions. Some brands may negotiate and offer some payment while some may want to use legal actions.

Also know that some times, You may need to hold domain names for long. Patience is important. Because domains flipping is a good business but do not be over excited. Have a good and realistic approach

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