Here Are Important Tips To Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Welcome to another episode of securing your presence safely online. Nowadays it is becoming increasingly difficult to stay online safely without one story or the other.

Ransomware and phishing emails are just a few of the many ways to steal personal information or let people pay to get their files back. Because prevention is better than cure, there are simple tips to ensure online safety.

And they are as follow:

Update Your Software & Apps Regularly to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Waiting for your phone or computer to install an update can be frustrating, but it’s worth the wait. 
Nothing is perfect and almost every operating system has vulnerabilities that hackers will try to exploit to get money and data from people.  Usually, developers are quicker to discover those errors and release updates that solve the potential problem before it causes real problems.

For example, the famous Wannacry ransomware wave could have been prevented if users had installed the latest version of Windows that addresses the security flaw.

Create strong passwords to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

It can not be emphasized enough, but creating a strong password is crucial to ensure the security of your accounts. Websites with private information and banking are often the target of hackers and common passwords are easy to find. Digital Trends has published an overview of the most used passwords in the world ; is yours on the list? View here our tips for making a strong password.

Use 2 Step Authentication to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Together with a good password, 2 steps of authentication adds an extra level of security to your online accounts. Make sure you enable this feature for apps that may contain private or sensitive information, such as your Google Account or your online banking app. That way, even if your password is stolen, hackers have to hold your phone or biometric data (fingerprints or iris scan) to gain access to your account.

Know your privacy limits to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Determine how much you are willing to share with a stranger and do not let the internet know more than that. Think in advance of what type of data you are willing to share with apps and websites and stay with that decision. This way, the next time a new app asks for more rights, you know better what to do.

Use a VPN (especially with public Wi-Fi) to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Connecting to a public WiFi network at an airport or in a cafe is convenient, but not safe. Other people connected to the same network can intercept information that you send and receive. A VPN already acts as a bulletproof vest and creates a secure encrypted tunnel for all your online traffic. However, it is also important to choose the right VPN, since free versions have their own risks .

Shop via secure websites to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

When you have to enter your bank card details or home address, make sure that the website starts with “https: and not only with” http “and that there is a padlock icon in the address line. The “s” in https stands for “secure”. This means that information that you exchange with the website, for example your bank account information, is encrypted.

Follow the News to Safely Secure Your Presence Online

Although it seems obvious, can stay up-to-date with cyber world news in the future to avoid hassle Currently there are many articles online that the risks of clicking links in your e-mail or using free Explaining VPN and giving advice on better cyber hygiene. If you know that ransomware reports are on the rise in your region, you should be more cautious about browsing.

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