Designing Your Blog Post for Maximum User Engagement

A successful blogging website creates content that is trending and builds readers’ attention by keeping them engaged. It is difficult to maintain a blogging site as it needs a lot of hard work and creativity. A Blog Post should be interesting to read and should market your brand and product wisely.

If you have a blogging website that you want to rank well and get known by the people. You should try to create something which keeps your readers engaging and attentive.

Here are some of the best tips by which you can get more traffic by engaging the visitors.


If you have multiple advertisements and pop-ups in your blogs it is possible that your visitors may find it irritating and may get frustrated.

This thing will ultimately result in the downfall of traffic and will hamper the user experience. A blog with so many advertisements and pop-ups never succeeded in gaining an effective user experience.

This means you should only have a limited number of advertisements on your blogging websites. Show your specific content in an attractive way by removing so many pop-ups and advertisements.

Your visitors may face loading speed problems because of a high number of advertisements. So try to avoid so many advertisements on your site to gain user engagement.

Focus on Audience Interest

You should try to focus on audience interest as it is only the thing that will get you a higher amount of traffic and engagement.

An audience’s interest is only gained if there are things that relate to them. This means an audience won’t adjust for your blog therefore you have to adjust according to their interest.

To find the interest of your audience you can use various tools available in the market or ask them about their interest directly.

This tip will help you to gain more user engagement as your user will find it more interesting to read your trending topic which relates to their interest.

Create something Unique

The most valuable tip that you can prefer is to create something new in the market. People try to look out for topics that have not been ever seen or remain unnoticed by them.

For example, the creation of Facebook or Instagram pages is normal to trend. You should lookout for the best and the topmost website which has already talked about the same topics.

Just identify the things which are missing and are not told by them and convert it into the opportunity, write your own unique content.

Once you know how to make your content unique it will gain more attention as many people will love to see something creative and unique this can also increase the number of social shares and positive reviews.

Comment Section

Look after the blog which seeks more attention and build a niche marketing strategy for the ones who get a lot of comments.  For this, you should have a good structured comment section where users can share their experiences related to the blogs they read.

These comments will give you a glace about how well your blog is performing in the minds of your readers.

Your readers also get away to suggestions from where you can know the interest areas of users this will definitely increase your user’s engagement for your blog where people can share their ideas and thoughts easily.

Promote Your Content

When you are over with quality and unique content it’s now time to share and promote your engaging content.

It’s necessary to ask some important and relevant questions to your audience in order to promote your content. You can set a trend by asking engaging questions to promote your blog posts in a group.

You can do this type of promotion over emails and Social media and also by using guest post strategies or third-party promotion.

Internal Link Building

Internal links in a blog can work as a miracle to your blog. Research shows that internal links engage the people by 70%.

They are also good in terms of search engine optimization which also reduces bounce rate and generates page views per visitor.

Link your posts and blogs to the relevant internal links and texts. For example, an educational blog for “types of hosting” should include a “buy hosting services at an affordable price”.

You can also add related posts to the blog which will gain a chance to view another type of blog.

However, keep in mind to only use these types of strategies to a limited extent and not more than that.

This means using extra internal links and related posts can hamper your content quality and may annoy the reader.

Navigation Menu

When we talk about the navigation menu it is a bar on the top of the website which usually displays pages, links, and categories.

Use the appropriate rule of navigation structure and make sure you use subpages and other important categories.

Do not overwhelm your navigation menu by filling lots of things into it. Use short descriptions to tell the related things.


In conclusion, you may get different tip owning the website which tells you about the user engagement process and how can you make it more effective.

Here we have discussed the most essential tips to design your blog in the best effective and efficient manner.

Going through these tips can surely make your blog more engaging and will definitely bring you more traffic to your website.

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