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You are familiar with your clientele. We are computer savvy. We create cutting-edge user interfaces that improve the user experience. We can assist you improve your digital services for end users and provide your company a competitive edge by fusing our talents and your experience.

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Amadurs Technology Limited is devoted to assisting its customers in achieving efficiency and effectiveness in their outcomes by attending to all of their everyday workplace annoyances and uplifts. Making a successful digital transformation for your business is only one step away by putting our digital corporate services to work for you. Using our digital corporate services to address the major areas of your company will make it simple to establish an effective workflow that will increase productivity and employee engagement. View our corporate services in the section below.

Digital Company Registration Incorporation
Digital Company Registration Incorporation
Register your business quickly and online. To launch a business, you are no longer need to be physically present in Nigeria in case you are based abroad. We take care of your manual paperwork and make sure all legal requirements are satisfied, making sure everything is in order for your company.
Human Resource Management
Human Resource Management
From hiring to development to terminations, we manages the integral part of any of our clients organization. We help oversee the entire employee life cycle and contribute to a company’s organizational success. From Recruitment and Hiring, Training and Development, Employer-Employee Relations, Maintain Company Culture, Manage Employee Benefits, Create a Safe Work Environment to Handling of Disciplinary Actions, we got you covered at Amadurs Technology Limited
Payroll and Bookkeeping Cloud Solution
Payroll and Bookkeeping Cloud Solution
Powered by cloud payroll software, which guarantees prompt processing of payroll and submission to different governmental bodies. Cloud-based trouble-free bookkeeping that provides timely accounts that meet your demands. This will also help you avoid paper works and stress trying to spend the whole day looking through your daily figures.

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