Do You Know You Can Get Scam Online?

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The payment mechanism is the largest red flag that a retail website is fraudulent. It’s common for scammers to demand payment through wire transfer, money order, or pre-loaded debit card, but if you send money in these ways, it’s doubtful you’ll ever see it again or get your goods.

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Online shopping scams include con artists impersonating real online merchants, either through a phony website or a phony advertisement on a legitimate retailer website.

Even while there are many trustworthy online retailers, sadly, con artists can take advantage of the internet’s anonymity to defraud unwary customers.

Scammers create phony retailer websites that mimic real online retail establishments using the most recent technologies. They could employ complex layouts and designs, perhaps stolen trademarks, or even a domain name that seems like it belongs to a real retailer.

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