Website Design

The power a website control over your online business is on the high side. Every single customer that you may wish to patronize you is always online, so get your site today and start servicing them all and make amazing income on a regular basis.

Mobile App Design

Every smartphone these days comes with unlimited space for mobile apps. Which means if yours is in any of the stores it can be installed and ready to start exploring its purpose. An easy way to stay connected with your clients all the time.


The best tool to reach out to your potential clients and customers on the world wide web is through proper search engine optimization (SEO). We are experts on that and we can help you rank on the google page and other search engines.

Mentorship Programs

At Amadurs Technology Limited, we offer a mentorship program that empowers participant both our old student and new interested individuals who wants to find footing as trainers, coach and mentors in the ICT industry.

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Webmaster & Cyber Security Training Academy

Entrepreneurship & ICT Capacity Building Training Powered by Human Rights Radio & Television Station (Brekete Family/Brekete Academy).

Here Are The Course Outline:

How to buy domain name & host plan

How to design & develop a website

How to make money with your website/blog

Social Media Integration

How to make money with your YouTube channel & Showcase Or Sell Anything With Your Facebook Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Internet & Cyber security / Website security

Mobile app development introductions

Amadurs Technology Limited

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We Are Your Corporate & Empowerment Training Company & Also The Most Visited & Trusted Online Educator.

Staff/Organisation Training

We at Amadurs Technology Limited crave to train and upgrade individuals on a private engagement and we have been having amazing testimonies around the globe. Our teams are specially packaged to train and equipped small and medium enterprise, by helping them shape their staff to meet up with the digital optimized strategy of marketing their respective business, product or brand.

We Provide Custom Service

Amadurs Technology Limited provides custom software development services to companies with specific needs on information and data management. Our custom integration tools are designed to meet all of your business needs and to ensure a solution functions exactly how you want it to. This, in turn, can simplify your business processes and ultimately help your organization function more efficiently]

Enterprise apps Development

Enterprise apps can revolutionize the way you work. These for-work apps make your daily tasks easier and more automated. At Amadurs Technology Limited, we immerse ourselves in what you do and find the best ways to augment, optimize, and rethink your processes. Our enterprise apps are securely built, privately distributed, and rigorously monitored

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is incorporating electronic devices like computers, cell phones, tablets, etc to engage with consumers and other business partners. Internet marketing is a prime facet of digital marketing. We help our clients with tools to reach their targeted audience with a low cost-effective and measurable way

SEO & Social Media

The impact of social media on SEO has been one of the most talked about topics in the search industry. Our experts will handle the customization of your social media content and will amplify your SEO campaign with content that is optimized for keywords and by generating more backlinks.

Business Process Automation

We have worked with numerous companies in several industries to automate their business practices. We will work directly with you and your team to construct a custom system that will optimize your day-to-day processes and to increase your output and profits


Amadurs Technology Limited is a service company, interested in the delivery of best practices in ICT (Information Communication Technology), Telecommunication, Project Management, Business Process Outsourcing, Power, and Capacity Building. We offer individual and collective professional business services to our clients at affordable prices, including social media marketing, Email Marketing, content marketing, Website Design, Business Growth Consulting, Business Management and Structuring, Brand identity, Internet Marketing and Publicity, Training, Business Plan, Proposals, Company Profile, Feasibility Study Writing and other irregular business enhancement services you may require. Amadurs Technology Limited has over the years assisted organizations in transforming their businesses and operations through our world-class value-enhancing services, driving improvement and achieving value for money
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Achieve Goals
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We Have Few Plans To Choose From

Each Of The Plans Comes With A Certification
Amadurs Technology Limited Present an Entrepreneurship & ICT Capacity Building Training, Powered by Human Right Radio & Television Station (Brekete Family/Brekete Academy)
When training is conveyed by experts like Amadurs Tech Team who are enthusiastic about what they do, realizing turns out to be simple and fun. Our courses are conveyed by inventive industry principles.
We provide a rich global resource and collaborative environment to promote universal ICT and Digital Literacy. We do our best to promote a global understanding of ICT and digital literacy as the new literacy of the 21st Century and as a pre-condition for employability.

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