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We can help you create and implement winning strategies and create tools for solving your business challenges, be it a new startup, or already in the business circle. We work with you to identify the best solutions to your business problems, give you strategic insights, pieces of training with close mentorship, informed resources, powerful tools, and results-based techniques to achieve your dreams.

Online Learning Portal

So just in case you are not anywhere near FCT, Abuja or Nigeria, you can decide to take any of your choice course online. It is as easy as ABC to signup and choose course.

Online Market Place

Do you have any product, items, goods, properties, old or new devices you will like to sell? then if your answer is yes then look no further.

Our Community

We have trained over 10K plus students and we have been coaching and mentoring them ever since and still continuing to do so. The community is where we further support and help them find footing in the ICT industry.

Ex Students Business Portal

This is a freelance business portal to help our trained past student sale their skill to clients around the globe. Many organization, agencies, private sector and business owners needs tech solutions to help manage their daily activities.

Getting a skill is still one of the surest ways of getting that dream job or business opportunity and eventually, a comfortable life. Amadurs Training Institute is a place where people develop their own potential. We Take Learning to a Whole New Level

- Adus Michael

Our Services

All IT Related Services

Cybersecurity Services / Remote Support / SaaS (Software as a Service) / Networking Services / File Sharing and Collaboration / Accounting Software / Web and Mobile App Development / Web Hosting Services / Custom Services and many more.

Various ICT Trainings

Technology Business Training / Smart Kids ICT & Computer Training / Professional Development Training / Corporate Training / Learn All ICT Related Courses Online / Learn All ICT & Computer Related Courses Physically In Our Center.

General IT Consultancy

Speak with us to help you setup and shape your brand both online and offline. We have what it takes to provide solutions of all kinds in relation to ICT. We also provide support and consultation both free and and paid.

It Will Be Wise To Get An Opportunity To Become A Solution Provider For The Followings:

For Schools:

Give students the opportunity to develop and grow in-demand skills. Inspire creativity and future-proof students’ careers by training them in various IT skills such as: web design, graphics design, UI/UX design and software development, they will learn to build solutions to solve real problems and improve their problem-solving skills to prepare them for the emerging world. We offer session’s onsite your facility and can also accommodate your groups at our training center.

For Corporate bodies or Groups:

Improve digital literacy at your institution and drive collaboration and innovative thinking among employees. Enroll your employees to learn workplace IT skills to an agile and productive workforce, courses include: data analysis, visual design/presentation, digital marketing, web design. We offer tailored sessions to suit your demands either within your facility or our training center.

Why Clients Prefer Our Training Institute!

Amadurs Training Institute is a reputable training and management consultancy firm with many years of conventional training experience in Computer & ICT Training, Engineering Training, Public Relations Training, Social Media & Digital Marketing Training, Leadership & Development Training, Business & Finance Training, Recruitment & Human Resource Management Training, Accounting & Auditing Training, Summer Class Training For Kids, General Management Training, Staff Development Training, Security Training, Traditional Marketing and other fields of human endeavor. And we also offer services in the above trainings.

Amadurs Training Institute is one of the leading players in the profession. Our firm, a multi-disciplinary one with highly talented, experienced and dedicated instructors and partners who have experiences in various niches and are very proficient and experience when it comes to impacting knowledge to our clients. Is no longer news that Amadurs Training Institute is your #1 ICT Professional Development Training & Management Consultancy Agency right here in Suite C12 (Back Wing) Busy Mart Plaza, 44 Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, Nigeria.

We encourage you to go beyond yourself, be one step ahead, allow us to guide you through the world of technology. Learning 80% of what the experts know is easy, our training program is aimed at developing a community of certified professionals, and providing organizations with the opportunity to ensure their staff is fully trained and proficient in the implementation of ICT. We combine creativity, ideas, & Technology to produce the best ICT indigenous training agency.

We can help you achieve success and improve your business or organization. Someone who keeps working on developing a sellable skill and eventually sells it, will always outperform someone who always thinks about how nice having those skills would be.


₦1000 / Month

This is for entry-level web hosting plan if you are just starting. And handle any blog or corporate website.


₦5000 / Month

At this level you can host any website of your choice be it robust platform website.

Amadurs Web Hosting

We intend to make purchasing web hosting services and domain purchase more easy and seamless for everyone. Our products are available in all african countries and european countries. We ensure 24/7 availability to make your website accessible every other time. 

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